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Acne, a term we all are very familiar with and face this issue at least once in our life. We are unaware of the fact that acne can occur due to multiple reasons and at any point in life. Hormonal Acne or Adult Acne is very commonly faced by women than men. When we talk about hormonal acne it can be a result of multiple causes and hence multiple types of adult acne. Some of these are:

Along with adult acne, hormonal imbalances can cause many more visible side effects on skin and body. Like facial hair growth, hyperinsulinemia leading to obesity, skin tags, and acanthosis nigricans. Hormonal acne has characteristic distribution in the lower third of the face, predominantly on the chin and jawline area. Hormonal Acne can be new in adulthood and is termed as new-onset.

An increase in androgen levels trigger the increased production of sebum and hence lead to inflammation and propagation of acne bacteria. PCOD is one condition that has always been related to acne and excessive hair growth this is because during PCOD androgen levels in body increases leading to the formation of cystic acne along with other symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty in conceiving, facial hair, obesity, etc.

It is advisable to consult your dermatologist if you are facing any such symptoms and get proper investigations done which includes your hormonal test along with an ultrasound to check the levels of hormones and start medications accordingly.

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