Have your kids had an eye check up recently?

child with glasses
Child with myopia.

A growing number of kids nowadays have errors of refraction- commonly referred to as ‘glass numbers’. The most common ‘glass numbers’ are minus powers or myopia. Some kids also have cylindrical numbers. Children with spectacles or eyeglasses need regular eye check-ups to ensure that they are wearing the correct number and that their vision is adequately corrected by their glasses.

Prolonged near work, allergies causing kids to repeatedly rub their eyes, and lack of outdoor activities can cause an increase in glass numbers.

A large number of kids are unable to appreciate the lack of clear vision and report the same to their parents. Parents may be unaware of their kid having a glass number until picked up by the school teacher or school screening camps. It is therefore recommended that parents get their children for an eye check-up at least once every year so that these problems can be detected early.

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