World Sight Day- a day to pledge to take good care of your eyes



eye care

This World Sight Day,
stop for a minute and pledge to take care of the sense organ that opens the wonders of the world to you!
Remember, eye care is essential – not optional.

#love your eyes

Time to get a detailed eye exam if you or your near and dear ones have…

👓Glasses with high power
👓 Difficulty with current glasses or frequent change in glass numbers
👩‍🏫Children unable to see the blackboard clearly or school performance suffering because of vision problems
🖥️👩‍💻📱Redness, itching, or tiredness of eyes, or headaches after long hours of screen use
👨‍🦳Age above 40 yrs
👴☁️ Cloudy vision or are Unable to see even after using glasses
🔆 Glare on seeing lights, difficulty in driving at night
⚡🫧 Spots, rings, floaters, or flashes in your vision
🔷 Diabetes or Hypertension of more than one year duration

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