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About Us

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The Best Care For Your Precious Eyes By The Best Ophthalmologist In Town !

Pink City Eye & Retina Center is a super specialty eye clinic dedicated to the treatment, research and prevention of eye diseases. Our organization caters to the needs of patients with complex eye problems. Our team of specialist doctors and visiting consultant sensure comprehensive individualized treatments for patients with a broad spectrum of ocular morbidities. The faculty has a vast and varied experience, both in India and overseas, of managing complex cases, research and teaching in world-class organizations.

The clinic is a referral center for retinal, pediatric and orbital diseases. Our faculty has several innovations and firsts to their credit. These include the first indocyanine green angiography, photodynamic therapy and the first complex 25 gauge MIVS retinal procedures in Rajasthan, the first report of OCT imaging of the periphery, the first use of advanced PCR technology for endophthalmitis and the first 27 gauge TDS vitreous surgery in the country.

The clinic is situated in the center of Jaipur and is easily accessible by most modes of transport. The modern facility is open all year round and provides emergency services also. We provide superspecialty retina services for hospitalized newborns and adult patients in several associated hospitals. With the help of donors and social organizations, we extend subsidized treatment in our facility to indigent deserving patients. The organization takes part in several preventive and community health initiatives every year.

– Vision –

Our vision is to create a center of excellence in eye care providing world class treatment in an accessible, ethical and compassionate milieu, with constant focus on innovation, improvisation and education.

– Mission –

“To serve the patient in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves” Our aim is to ensure that our patients are treated with the best of intentions, integrity and ideals.

To this end, we strive to

• Provide scientific, ethical and state-of-the-art treatment solutions to patients
• Create a committed, competent and compassionate team to deliver this care
• Create a patient friendly, safe and cordial hospital environment with ease of access and fair treatment to all our patrons