Corneal infection


The cornea being the front part of the eye is exposed to dust, foreign objects, micro-organisms very easily. So corneal infections are very common and need prolonged treatment. The common organisms are bacteria, fungi, virus etc.

The patient usually complaints of redness, pain, watering, burning sensation and diminished vision depending upon the area of the cornea involved. Because cornea is very sensitive structure, even a small injury can cause symptoms especially pain, manifold. Depending on the severity of the disease process, the treatment includes antibiotic eye drops, oral medications, injections into the eye and surgery. Surgery may be required, when the lesion erodes the corneal layers and causes perforation or when the area involved is large and when the wound is not healing with medications. In all these cases, the corneal tissue is transplanted with donor tissue obtained from cadaver tissues. There is a risk of recurrence of infection in the transplanted tissue also.

The visual recovery may not be satisfactory in many cases as the healed wound (scar) interferes with vision causing glare, distorted images and poor clarity. If the vision did not improve even after multiple transplant surgeries, then cosmetic improvement of the non- seeing eye can be done with contact lenses, artificial eye implants and tattooing.



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