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Diabetic Retinopathy – Silent Thief of Sight

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A large number of individuals with diabetes suffer from loss of vision and distorted vision due to the effect of diabetes on the eye. The problem is called diabetic retinopathy. In the initial stages, diabetic retinopathy does not have symptoms and is only detected on routine screening. Later on, it causes distorted vision from swelling in the retina, called macular edema. It also presents as black dots or floaters in vision. This is due to bleeding inside the eye, called vitreous hemorrhage. When there is significant bleeding, it can result in complete loss of vision. Diabetic retinopathy can also cause retinal detachment leading to vision loss. Advanced stages also present with glaucoma, which can be resistant to treatment.
To prevent vision loss from diabetic retinopathy, regular screening and early treatment are necessary. Control of diabetes also goes a long way in slowing the progress of diabetic retinopathy. In early stages, laser treatment for bleeding and injection treatment for macular edema can prevent vision loss. Later stages of diabetic retinopathy need advanced eye and retina surgery called vitrectomy.
Advanced laser and surgery for treatment of diabetic retinopathy are available at Pink City Eye and Retina Center, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.  Get regular retina screening and early treatment for your loved ones who have diabetes. Call now- 01414901083.

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