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Eye Care Ritual for Children during Covid-19

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Eye Care Ritual for Children during Covid-19

How hard do we try to keep gadgets, mobiles, and screens away from our kids, but with COVID19 and lockdown restrictions all these efforts seem to be in vain! Children are fascinated by screens all the time. Children today spend more time studying and playing on computers than ever before. And to make things worse, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the exposure of kids to the internet and all sorts of screens has increased. They have to attend online classes scheduled by their educational institutes. Activity or hobby classes are a big draw too. However, in the course of this e-learning, it is the eyes and spine of children that are susceptible to harm. Well, you cannot avoid classes but can definitely adopt healthy practices and an eye care routine.

Here are eye care tips that your for children must follow during Covid 19:

  • Maintain a distance from the screen of about 24-25 inches (50-60 cm). The screen should be about 15 degrees lower than the eye level. Make sure that the posture is correct with an erect spine while studying. Avoid keeping the laptop in your lap – best to use desktop or place the laptop on the study table. You must not miss your class but at the same time, taking care of your body is important. A gentle reminder from the parent once in a while during the class/ session goes a long way.
  • Ask your child to blink eyes often. Staring at the screen for prolonged periods causes dry eyes, allergy and fatigue. A sip of water, breaks between classes and a change in posture helps.
  • Make sure there is moderate light in the room. While taking long hours of online classes, make proper arrangements of light. Studying in a dark room is not advisable. Nor is a very bright room. Have curtains drawn. Natural sources of light should be behind the child or to a side, not behind the computer screen directly facing the child. This will create stress for the eyes.
  • You can also adjust the brightness of the desktop/laptop/phone. It should not be at full brightness, but a toned down one that is clearly visible yet comfortable.
  • Breaks between long screen hours cannot be over stressed. Have regular breaks, with the child walking around the house or staying away from near work for 5-10 minutes every hour.


    For any trouble of itching, redness or discomfort in your child’s eye, you can immediately consult a doctor. After a thorough check-up, the eye specialist may recommend some eye drops and ways to keep the problem away.

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