The surgical treatment of glaucoma is also called as Trabeculectomy. This procedure aims at creating a new opening for drainage of aqueous-the fluid inside the eye and maintains the eye pressure. The drainage system is called as angle structures. Initially the eye pressure is controlled with the help of eye drops, but when the disease progresses despite combination of medications, then surgery needs to be done to prevent damage to the optic nerve- the nerve responsible for vision. In children there is a little variation of the surgical technique and hence the surgery is called as Trabeculotomy- Trabeculectomy.

In early stages, the treatment aims at creating an opening in the iris structure and hence it is called as Iridotomy. This can be done either by surgery or by Laser. Laser procedure can be done at the out-patient department itself as a day procedure.

The surgical options for late stage disease include angle surgeries (Trabeculectomy), Laser surgery and surgical placement of a valve/ implant at end stage.

The post-operative follow-up is very important to monitor the eye pressure, to look for any early as well as late complications such as inadequate pressure control, infection, failure etc.

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