Intraocular lens implant is the technical term given to the artificial lens placed in the eye when the natural lens is removed due to opacification, dislocation, damage due to injury, abnormal high power of the eye hampering vision etc., IOL has revolutionized the visual recovery after cataract surgery. The patient recover vision to a significant amount on the same day of surgery.

There are many innovations of this device invented over many years that has added so many benefits to the patient’s visual recovery. It has shortened the post- operative recovery period of the patients significantly thereby enabling them to return to work very early. It had helped improve the quality of vision, reducing harmful UV rays of the Satlight, helps avoid the near vision glasses (in certain group of patients).

There are many different types of IOLs available in the market. Most used ones are called Posterior chamber IOLs which are used when the capsular bag that will hold the IOL is intact and of adequate strength. When the strength is not adequate, which can be due to many reasons such as old age, injury, disease process such as pseudo exfoliation etc, then IOL will be placed either with support hanging in the eye, fixed with sutures or in the anterior chamber of the eye, Accordingly these lenses are called sulcus fixed IOL, Iris claw lenses, AC lenses etc. This is decided by the surgeon on an individual basis, depending upon the condition of the eye.

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