Glaucoma is a disease that affects the Optic nerve- the nerve responsible for visual function of the eye. The most important of the known risk factors is raised eye pressure (IOP). In some patients who had eye trauma, glaucoma can develop anytime up to 3 months after injury. This is because of various mechanisms affecting the drainage channels of the aqueous (water inside the eye), such as blood clots, Inflammatory products etc.

The patient can have sudden pain and tightness of the eyes, headache and drop in vision. On evaluation, the eye pressure might be elevated, there may be blood inside the eye or associated damage in retina and other parts of the eye. In long standing cases, the optic nerve damage will be evident. So, patients who have history of eye trauma, need to be on strict follow-up for early detection of the condition and initiation of treatment. As the optic nerve damage is irreversible, the treatment needs to be started before considerable damage happens.

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