The term includes surgery done to correct the refractive error to get rid of glasses. Most commonly preformed surgeries are Laser based and act on the cornea to alter the shape of cornea by burning some amount of corneal tissue. In other option especially in patients with inadequate thickness or in cases where the power is very high, then the natural lens is removed and replaced with artificial lens, thereby the total power of the eyeball is altered.

There are certain pre-conditions that needs to be evaluated before taking up the surgery. Most important will be the corneal thickness. An ORBSCAN is a must that can give a clear picture of thickness of cornea. Dry eyes is also to be ruled out. After all conditions are satisfied, the surgeon decides the best possible procedure for each individual.

If the power is very high and corneal thickness is not adequate, then partial error can be corrected thereby reducing the power and the patient’s dependency on glasses.

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