Secondary glaucoma


Glaucoma is a disease process that affects the optic nerve- the nerve responsible for vision, as a result of raised eye pressure- Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP). Secondary glaucoma is a disease entity in which glaucoma develops as a result of many eye and systemic diseases. This include trauma to the eye, certain infections affecting the eye such as viral diseases, fungal ulcers, retinal diseases such as retinal detachment and other infections, inflammatory diseases such as Uveitis, sympathetic Ophthalmia, following cataract and other eye surgeries, prolonged intake of certain drugs such as steroids etc.

The patients have symptoms such as eye pain or headache, changes in eye structures resulting from eye diseases, diminished vision. The treatment aims at reducing the eye pressure by medications as well as address the disease process that causes Glaucoma. Any patient on prolonged drug intake such as steroid should be under close monitoring. They should also follow the instructions for taking steroids appropriately as glaucoma is not a manifestation when given for short durations.



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