Squint is the medical term for the condition of the eyes that are crossed. In most cases, the onset is at birth, but the condition may develop later in life as well as in adults. In majority of the cases the cause is unknown though heredity and other diseases play a role. Muscle imbalance between the two eyes while focussing is the underlying factor in these patients. It may be due to the muscle being overacting or underacting or the nerve involved with the muscle is at fault.

The diagnosis and treatment of squint should be done as soon as possible as it affects the vision as well as the development of three-dimensional aspect of vision. Sometimes the squint may not be manifesting so obviously but the patient may complain of symptoms of headache, tiredness and heaviness of eyes, difficulty in focus for prolonged time etc., the treatment options include glasses, muscle exercises and surgery in most cases. Especially in children the use of glasses might be needed even after surgery for enhanced and prolonged success rate of squint correction.

In any type of squint vision is the single most important factor for successful treatment and hence in patients in whom the vision is affected permanently, it is only possible to correct the squint cosmetically.

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