In this condition, the cataract develops as a result of injury to the eye and hence can happen in any age group. Patient develops sudden loss of vision or may develop cataract over a period. Patient also can develop complications of trauma such as rise in eye pressure, co-existing tear/ holes in other parts of the eye such as cornea, lens bag, brown part of the eye namely iris, retina etc. Involvement of retina and nerve of the eye carry the risk of poor vision gain.

Treatment involves immediate surgery to repair any tear, then removal of cataract and placement of lens. Decision about lens placement will be done on an individual basis depending on the extent of damage to various parts of the eye. This type of cataract carries risk of developing infection, raised eye pressure, resultant permanent vision drop. Hence it requires immediate treatment and proper follow-up.

In case, lens cannot be placed in its bag, then other options of placing a lens by stitches will be considered. This is done at a later date by another surgery. Especially in children, the treatment involves regular follow-up as they are more prone for developing decreased vision in a brief time. Even after surgery, patient need to be followed up on a regular basis, for detection complication at an early stage such as development of eye pressure, crossing of the eye (squint), glass power as well as cosmetic appearance of the eyes.

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