Diplopia or double vision


Diplopia refers to seeing objects double, in the field of vision. The causes may be lying in the muscle itself or arising from the nerve controlling the action of the muscle. The doubling can be either horizontally or vertically depending on the muscle at fault. The onset of diplopia may be due to trauma, certain brain infections, inflammatory diseases or some medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, Thyroid disorders etc.

The patients experience symptoms of headache, dizziness, difficulty in reading and writing, driving, doubling of objects. In older children, as they can’t express clearly, they may be irritable, poor outcome in school performance etc. Very young children and babies usually have some compensatory mechanisms such as adopting different postures for visual task and hence may not complain of diplopia.

Detailed evaluation is required to find the cause and the muscle at fault. Depending upon the cause and functional disability it causes such as interference with reading, driving etc, the treatment is decided. The options include prism glasses, prism stickers over routine glasses, Botax injections and surgery on muscles. In patients in whom the cause is neurological, Medical or surgical measures are undertaken in collaboration with Neuro- Physician.



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