In certain babies, the development of vision and different aspects of vision namely colour vision, stereopsis does not happen at the expected time and manner. This condition is termed as Delayed visual maturation. This may be due to damage to brain structures which control the visual pathway of signals being carried from eye to brain and back to eye structures. The anatomy of the eye may be normal, but the functional aspect is at fault. This may happen during pregnancy, during delivery of the baby or immediately after birth when the baby does not cry immediately due to various reasons such as lack of glucose in brain, brain infections, inflammation, diseases affecting brain structures such as epilepsy (fits) etc.

The parents usually complain of the baby being not looking at the face of mother or caretaker and not showing interest in toys and other objects. The child needs to be investigated thoroughly. The child also need to undergo neurological evaluation, ENT evaluation and will be subjected to physiotherapy, visual exercises and speech therapy if required.

Depending upon the amount of damage to brain structures, the visual potential may vary. The recovery may take time and hence the parents and family members need to be patient and have a regular follow-up.

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