Age-related Cataract


Cataract refers to the eye condition wherein the lens inside the eye used for focussing images onto the retina, becomes opacified instead of being transparent. There are many reasons for this change, aging process being the most common. This results in blurring of the vision, difficulty in driving in night-time, difficulty in focussing in bright light depending on the type of cataract and thereby resulting in difficulty in doing normal day to day activities for the patients.

Cataract removal and placement of artificial lens by surgery is the available treatment. No medicines are available at present, which can reverse/ halt or eliminate cataract. Artificial lens (IOL) is routinely placed in the eye during surgery as visual gain without lenses is not satisfactory. There are exceptions, when lens placement may be done later by another surgery, such as the bag in which Lens need to be placed being weak or damaged. Usually this procedure is a day- care procedure and patient will need glasses (depending on the type of lens placed) for reading and other near work after surgery.



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