Esotropia is a type of squint in which the eyes are turned towards the nose. It may be present since birth or develop later. The squint that is present since birth interferes with the overall visual development and other fine aspects of stereopsis. Hence, this type of squint needs early surgery and stringent measures to improve associated subnormal vision.

In very young children, there may be crossed eyes present that mimics squinting but recovers with growth of the eyeball and bone maturation. Some children habitually keep their eyes crossed. Hence, it should be evaluated carefully as to diagnose the true squint and decide the treatment accordingly. In many children, this type of squint may be associated with refractive error of the eye, commonly long sightedness. In such cases, it is important to correct vision to get good outcome, with regards to vision, surgical outcome and stereopsis. It is very important to have regular follow-up for all such children, to examine the vision correction, amount of manifested squint, stereopsis to detect any deterioration or progress to decide on timing of surgery.

In some adults, it may develop due to some infections, neurological diseases and needs urgent treatment by Neurologist as well.

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