This is a type of glaucoma which develops in eye diseases associated with development of abnormal, new blood vessels that break down and bleed easily. The diseases which cause development of abnormal new blood vessels include Diabetes mellitus, Retinopathy of prematurity that occur in pre-mature babies, bleeding disorders such as haemophilia, uveitis, trauma, following radiation therapy, Eye tumours etc.

The abnormal blood vessel grows over iris and interferes with the drainage of aqueous- the fluid which maintains the eye pressure. The raised eye pressure causes structural and functional damage resulting in loss of vision gradually.

The treatment is aimed at reducing the eye pressure with drugs as well as treating the primary disease causing the abnormal condition. So, this varies from Laser and injection into the eye, to control new vessel formation, treatment of tumours, haemophilia etc. when the disease is uncontrolled then surgery will be required to allow aqueous drainage. Sometimes the disease leaves the patient blind, but the eye is painful. In those patients, cold Laser is applied to stop aqueous production. This is a last resort in whom vision can’t be salvaged.

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